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Winter Season

Winter 2018-19 Registration Now Open!!

Register for the upcoming Winter 2018-2019 season. If you have any questions or comments about registration or playing in the winter league please reach out through our contact page.

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Upcoming Schedule

DateTimeRinkHome TeamVisiting Team
12/15/201804:45 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaAsk JohnPeter North Stars
12/15/201805:00 PMGrover Ice RinkChirp CityThose Meddling Kids
12/15/201806:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaCaught Nappin'A Great Day for Hay
12/15/201806:15 PMGrover Ice RinkThe TroopersHere for the Beer
12/15/201807:15 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaMaybe AlcoholicIrish
12/15/201807:30 PMGrover Ice RinkLet's Do That HockeyRubber Puckies
12/15/201808:30 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaHealthy ScratchesZambonies
12/15/201808:45 PMGrover Ice RinkPoke CzeckLos Gatos
12/16/201805:00 PMNHL RinkGeriHattricksWhere's the KaBoom
12/16/201806:15 PMNHL RinkPickle RickierCheck Offenders
12/16/201806:30 PMOlympic RinkTwoTree OglethorpeNot Approved
12/16/201807:30 PMNHL RinkWednesday Night Boy'sUltra Instinct
12/16/201807:45 PMOlympic RinkOrdinary ThunderThe Originals
12/16/201809:00 PMOlympic RinkSpittin' ChicletsSilky Mitts

Recent Scores

DateTimeRinkHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
12/08/201804:45 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaRubber Puckies2The Troopers2
12/08/201805:00 PMGrover Ice RinkSpittin' Chiclets5The Originals1
12/08/201806:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaWhere's the KaBoom2Check Offenders2
12/08/201806:15 PMGrover Ice RinkTwoTree Oglethorpe1Silky Mitts1
12/08/201807:15 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaGeriHattricks2Wednesday Night Boy's1
12/08/201807:30 PMGrover Ice RinkOrdinary Thunder2Healthy Scratches0
12/08/201808:30 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaUltra Instinct2Pickle Rickier4
12/08/201808:45 PMGrover Ice RinkNot Approved4Zambonies4
12/09/201805:00 PMNHL RinkPeter North Stars3A Great Day for Hay4
12/09/201806:15 PMNHL RinkAsk John1Maybe Alcoholic0
12/09/201806:30 PMOlympic RinkChirp City0Poke Czeck1
12/09/201807:30 PMNHL RinkIrish6Caught Nappin'3
12/09/201807:45 PMOlympic RinkLos Gatos2Here for the Beer1
12/09/201809:00 PMOlympic RinkLet's Do That Hockey4Those Meddling Kids1