Summer Registration Closes on April 30th

Individuals wishing to play in the 2017 Summer Season may now register through the link or by logging into their profile. If you have any questions or comments about registration or playing in the league please reach out through our contact page.

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Hockey Rink

Upcoming Schedule

DateTimeRinkHome TeamVisiting Team
04/29/201704:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaMake Hockey Great AgainTop Shelf Surprise
04/29/201705:15 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaWokka ChikkaPikachu Warriors
04/29/201706:30 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaBeer Belly BrewzersSharp Shooters
04/29/201707:45 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaOutlawsChuggernauts
04/29/201709:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaUnholy RancorsLucky Pucks
04/30/201701:15 PMOlympic RinkIrishGame #10 - MCHL Winner Game #9
04/30/201702:30 PMOlympic RinkGame #13 - Int Loser Game #11Game #13 - Int Winner Game #12
04/30/201702:45 PMNHL RinkOglethorpe's RevengeGame #14 - Int B Winner Game #13
04/30/201703:45 PMOlympic RinkGame TBD - MCHL Winner Game #9Irish
04/30/201704:00 PMNHL RinkTrailer Puck BoysGame #17 - Novice Winner Game #16
04/30/201705:15 PMNHL RinkGame TBD - Int B Winner Game #13Oglethorpe's Revenge

Recent Scores

DateTimeRinkHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
04/22/201702:30 PMGrover Ice RinkCutthroat Kings2Hoek Stars5
04/22/201703:45 PMGrover Ice RinkChuggernauts2Weekend at Winchester1
04/22/201703:45 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaOglethorpe's Revenge6Outlaws2
04/22/201705:00 PMGrover Ice RinkRuthless and Toothless4Smelly Bags3
04/22/201705:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaMake Hockey Great Again4Irish6
04/22/201706:15 PMGrover Ice RinkMeseeks and Destroy3Sharp Shooters7
04/22/201706:15 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaCheddar Time2Puck Daddy's3
04/22/201707:30 PMGrover Ice RinkThe Fighting Barneys2Goal Line Gladiators3
04/22/201707:30 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaFritz Slap2Top Shelf Surprise5
04/22/201708:45 PMGrover Ice RinkLucky Pucks4Wannabees3
04/23/201712:15 PMOlympic RinkPuck Daddy's1Top Shelf Surprise5
04/23/201701:30 PMOlympic RinkBeer Belly Brewzers4Ruthless and Toothless1
04/23/201702:30 PMNHL RinkUnholy Rancors3Goal Line Gladiators0
04/23/201702:45 PMOlympic RinkSharp Shooters3Pursuers0
04/23/201703:45 PMNHL RInkStick Magnets3Lucky Pucks4
04/23/201704:00 PMOlympic RinkHoek Stars1Chuggernauts2
04/23/201705:00 PMNHL RinkTrailer Puck Boys0Net Sticks and Chill7

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