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Summer Registration Now Open

Individuals wishing to play in the 2017 Summer Season may now registor through the link or by logging into their profile. If you have any questions or comments about registration or playing in the league please reach out through our contact page.

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Upcoming Schedule

DateTimeRinkHome TeamVisiting Team
05/30/201706:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaBeginners Practice #5Beginners Practice #5
06/04/201711:30 AMOlympic Rink BruutalDrawing a Blank
06/04/201711:45 AMNHL Rink Icing in the CreaseA Period Away
06/04/201712:45 PMOlympic Rink Pucks CapacitorBromancers
06/04/201701:00 PMNHL Rink The Fast and the LaFleuriousSlap Dat Pass
06/04/201702:00 PMOlympic Rink Trash PandasSmashville
06/04/201702:15 PMNHL Rink Blue Line TrippinFluke of Nature
06/04/201703:30 PMNHL Rink The High GroundScuba Squad
06/04/201704:45 PMNHL Rink Puck NorrisCheck Republic

Recent Scores

DateTimeRinkHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
05/23/201706:00 PMMotto McLean Ice ArenaBeginners Practice #4Beginners Practice #4