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Summer Season

Summer 2018 Registration!!

We are currently full for the upcoming Summer 2018 session. If you have any questions or comments about registration or playing in the summer league please reach out through our contact page.

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Upcoming Schedule

DateTimeRinkHome TeamVisiting Team
07/22/201811:30 AMOlympic Rink Escape GoatsBushwood Hockey Club
07/22/201811:45 AMNHL Rink Empire Snipes BackBig Danglers
07/22/201812:45 PMOlympic Rink GuentzelmaniaCheddar Time
07/22/201801:00 PMNHL Rink No RegretskysMarchand's Lollipops
07/22/201802:00 PMOlympic Rink Stacked Like PancakesOrange Ya Glad
07/22/201802:15 PMNHL Rink ShenanigansScared Shotless
07/22/201803:30 PMNHL Rink The Wesley CrushersNetsticks and Chill

Recent Scores

DateTimeRinkHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScore
07/08/201811:30 AMOlympic Rink Shenanigans3Escape Goats5
07/08/201811:45 AMNHL Rink The Wesley Crushers1Big Danglers2
07/08/201812:45 PMOlympic Rink Scared Shotless3Bushwood Hockey Club2
07/08/201801:00 PMNHL Rink Marchand's Lollipops1Netsticks and Chill2
07/08/201802:00 PMOlympic Rink No Regretskys5Empire Snipes Back5
07/08/201802:15 PMNHL Rink Orange Ya Glad10Cheddar Time0
07/08/201803:30 PMNHL Rink Stacked Like Pancakes6Guentzelmania4
07/15/201811:30 AMOlympic Rink Cheddar TimeStacked Like Pancakes
07/15/201811:45 AMNHL Rink Bushwood Hockey ClubShenanigans
07/15/201812:45 PMOlympic Rink GuentzelmaniaOrange Ya Glad
07/15/201801:00 PMNHL Rink Marchand's LollipopsEmpire Snipes Back
07/15/201802:00 PMOlympic Rink No RegretskysThe Wesley Crushers
07/15/201802:15 PMNHL Rink Escape GoatsScared Shotless
07/15/201803:30 PMNHL Rink Big DanglersNetsticks and Chill